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Sue gets an award for her work from CAPA

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Sue Clark-Wittenberg receives her award from the Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault (CAPA)
for Lifetime Antipsychiatry Activism in Toronto at the event called “Psychiatric Survivor Pride”

CAPA website: -Sue’s profile and listing some of her work

Below is a picture of Sue holding her award. Sue is the one wearing the little hat, second to the left.
Shaindl Diamond, Sue Clark-Wittenberg, Dr. Bonnie Burstow, and Don Weitz

Left to Right: Shaindl Diamond, Sue Clark-Wittenberg, Dr. Bonnie Burstow, and Don Weitz

Shaindl Diamond, Dr. Bonnie Burstow, and Don Weitz

Left to Right: Shaindl Diamond, Dr. Bonnie Burstow, and Don Weitz

Dr. Bonnie Burstow called me up on the phone and told me “CAPA has chosen you to be the first

recipient of the first CAPA award for “Lifetime Antipsychiatry Activism”. I was shocked and surprised.

I told her I was very pleased and would be there for the event. CAPA sponsored my trip to Toronto and paid for the taxis while I was in Toronto. My husband Steven Wittenberg escorted me to Toronto.

We went by VIA rail the train and a pleasant time. The VIA rail staff were very accommodating for me and got me the elevator/ramp for me to go onto the train with my walker.

The event was being held at the OISE building on Bloor St. Don Weitz met us a the train station at ll:30 a.m. at the Toronto Union Station. We went by taxi to OISE where the event was being held on the 7th floor, Peace Lounge. Dr. Bonnie Burstow works there.

Steven went ahead with Don Weitz into the Peace Lounge as I went into the washroom to change into my suit. Bonnie came into the washroom and I hugged her. Shaindl Diamond asked if I needed help in anyway and I said I was ok. They both walked out and then I met everyone in the Peace Lounge after I changed into my suit. I wanted to look appropriate to get my award. I put on my little hat with jewels on it that I bought in Ottawa from a street vendor a few years before.

NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo was the first speaker. Her talk was inspiring. She accepted us all psychiatric survivors and told us we all deserve to be ourselves and speak our truth. She said she validates when someones says they are paranoid about the government, the RCMP etc. She says those agencies can’t be trusted all all. Cheri says it the way it is. I liked her very much. She is compassionate and validates the struggles of psychiatric survivors who mostly live in poverty and many are waiting for affordable housing and have a tough time. She was done to earth and humble, an no nonsense lady who is very accepting of psychiatric survivors and celebrated our psychiatric survivor pride event. A great speaker who has integrity and honesty. A good politician, did I just say that? yes I did. She is one politican to watch! at Queen’s Park. Her future looks great!

Then Shaindl Diamond spoke about her thesis she is doing to get her doctorate. She is a young woman who is very intelligent and articulate. I wished her much success in her future studies and career. Shaindl is very caring and nice.

Then Bonnie showed a film about the Hearings on Psychiatric Drugs and Electroshock. It was very sad for me hearing a man cry in the video of how he was tortured by electroshock like I was.

I couldn’t keep in my emotions and started to weep quietly as I remembered when I was forced to undergo electroshock.

Then Bonnie Burstow gave me an long introduction to the audience which was supported my work. I then walked up to the front of the room to accept my CAPA award with pride. I hugged Bonnie and Don. I then read my 12 page speech. I got a good response as I read my speech to about 50 people in the Peace Lounge. At the end of my speech I asked for one minute of silence for those peers of mine who had died at the hands of psychiatry.

Then Ruth Ruth came up to me and said she liked my speech very much. Other peers of mine came up and said they could relate to my story of how psychiatry damaged and tortured them also.

One young lady came up to me who as multi-media student from Ryerson and she interviewed me on video for her course.

I met Don Weitz’s daughter and she was very nice. I saw Graeme Bacque again and hugged him. he is so nice. He took the video of my speech. I met Mel Starman again and it was nice to see him.

There was art in the room done by my peers and it was beautiful.

I hugged Bonnie and thanked her my presenting me with my award.
She told her it was a well deserved award for me. I hugged Don Weitz who a long time friend.

Steven grabbed our suitcase and other bags and Don and I and Steven took a taxi to the train station. We thanked Don and he left and I go on board on the train with a special elevator lift.

We had a train ride. I saw Lake Ontario again and we had a light supper on the train. Steven and I sleep on the train. The train pulled into the Ottawa train station and we got on the Para Transpo disabled transportation van and got home at 12:30 at night.

It was Steven and my first vacation together. We had a good trip. We were very tired though but it was well worth it. The memories of that day will remain for a lifetime. In the morning I got up and took out my award which was plaque that reads “Coalition Against Psychiatric Assualt (CAPA) award for Lifetime Antipsychiatry Activism, 2008, Sue Clark-Wittenberg”. I proudly placed my award up on my wall in front of my computer. 20 years of antipsychiatry activism is wrapped up in this award. I did not get paid financially for my work but the rewards I got in other ways was great. I helped lots of people and some of them have become some of my lifelong friends. I would do it all over again if I could.

Many people have congratulted me on my award. I share this award with my husband Steven Wittenberg because for the past 4 years he has been there for me and supported my work and given me the love I needed to continue my work. S teven is an antipsychiatry activist who does lots of good work.

Steven and I will continue to work to help abolish electroshock all over the world.

I have lots of people to acknowledge who helped me in my work over 20 years.

Jane Scharf, Marian Crow, Don Weitz, Dr. Bonnie Burstow, Dr. John Breeding, Jim Gottsein, Leonard Roy Frank, Harry Chalmers Funk, David Oaks, Cathie and Bill Mann,

Class action commenced against Toronto Psychiatrist for Over-prescribing Narcotics

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From: “angela bischoff” <>
Date: September 10, 2008 10:09:30 PM EDT (CA)
Subject: [can-survive] Class Action Commenced against Toronto Psychiatrist for Over-prescribing Narcotics
Class Action Commenced against Toronto Psychiatrist for Over-prescribing
TORONTO, Sept. 10 /CNW/ –
On August 12, 2008, the law firm of Rochon
Genova LLP issued a class proceeding against Dr. Eddie Kingstone, a
Toronto psychiatrist. The claim alleges that between 1996 and 2006, Dr.
Kingstone negligently prescribed his patients medications including
narcotics, benzodiazepines, and anti-psychotics in combinations and
dosages which he knew or ought to have known would lead to drug dependency
and addiction.
The claim has been filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in
The proposed Representative Plaintiff, Dianne Moore, was a successful
account executive for a major corporation prior to becoming a patient of Dr.
Kingstone. Ms. Moore alleges that after she became a patient of Dr.
Kingstone, he treated her with medications, including narcotics,
benzodiazepines, and anti-psychotics. As a result of Dr. Kingstone’s
treatment, Ms. Moore alleges that she developed a serious and
life-threatening drug dependency and addiction to those medications.
Ms. Moore brings this action on her behalf and on behalf of all other
patients of Dr. Kingstone for whom he prescribed various medications,
including narcotics between 1996 and 2006.
Ms. Moore said, “This lawsuit will hopefully help several hundred
patients regain some part of their lives which they lost to drug dependency
and addiction. I hope this will be a message to Dr. Kingstone and other
doctors about the dangers of over-prescribing these medications and the
harmful effects on their patients.”
Susan M. Vella and Patricia A. LeFebour of Rochon Genova LLP are lead
counsel for the Plaintiff in this proposed class proceeding. Ms.
Vella stated,
“Through the courage of Ms. Moore, we are hopeful that other patients of
Dr. Kingstone will come forward to be a part of this class proceeding.
Addiction and drug dependency are terrible hurdles for these patients to
overcome. A class action is the most effective way for these patients to
obtain access to justice in reclaiming their lives and to alter the
behaviour of physicians who prescribe these medications.”
In 2006, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario found that
Dr. Kingstone committed acts of professional misconduct in relation
to his
prescribing of narcotics, and controlled drugs and substances to 23 patients.
The allegations raised in the claim have not yet been proven in court.
The plaintiff and the prospective class members are represented by the
Toronto based law firm of Rochon Genova LLP.
For further information: Rochon Genova LLP, 121 Richmond St. W, Suite 900,
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2K1, Telephone: (416) 363-1867 or toll-free:
1-866-881-2292, Website address:
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I found this on the web re Dr. Eddie Kingston the psychiatrist in a lawsuit now for over prescribing narcotics.
take care, Sue

The College of Physicians and Surgeons, Discipline Committee Decisions 2006

Dr.  Eddie Kingstone



It was alleged that Dr. Kingstone committed professional misconduct, in that he failed to meet the standard of practice of the profession.

Response to the Allegation

Dr. Kingstone entered a plea of no contest.


Dr. Kingstone is a 75-year-old psychiatrist practising in Toronto.

Dr. X reviewed the charts of 26 patients of Dr. Kingstone, as well as related OHIP billing information and Dr. Kingstone’s prescribing profile from a pharmacy.

Dr. X was of the opinion that Dr. Kingstone fell below the standard of care in 22 of the 26 cases reviewed, primarily relating to the prescription of narcotics and controlled drugs and substances, including benzodiazepines.
The defence experts, like Dr. X, had significant concerns with the adequacy of the record-keeping, although one expert pointed out that in a supportive therapy practice like Dr. Kingstone’s, it is not uncommon to find less detail in the charts. He noted that a mental status examination did not have to be recorded in all cases.

Patient A

Patient A was a patient of Dr. Kingstone’s from March 2003 until his death in June 2004.
Dr. X reviewed Dr. Kingstone’s file with respect to Patient A, as well as records relating to prescriptions filled by a pharmacy for Patient A.

Dr. X was of the opinion that Dr. Kingstone fell below the standard of care in his treatment of Patient A, primarily relating to the prescription of narcotics and controlled drugs and substances. Dr. X’s opinion included the following summary and conclusion regarding Dr. Kingstone’s care for Patient A:

Patient A was found dead in his bed in June 2004. The directions on the prescription of Dilaudid provided to Patient A on June 9, 2004, by Dr. Kingstone, if followed, would have permitted Patient A to take between three to eight Dilaudid in a 24-hour period. Approximately, 19 Dilaudid pills were found missing from the bottle. The directions on the prescription of Percocet provided to Patient A on June 9, 2004, by Dr. Kingstone, if followed, would have permitted Patient A to take up to 12 Percocet tablets in a 24-hour period. Approximately 19 Percocet pills were found missing from the bottle. The coroner’s report concluded that the cause of death was hydromorphone intoxication, based in part on a forensic toxicology which concluded that “the detected concentrations of hydromorphone could cause death.”

The defence toxicologist provided an opinion that although the detected concentration of hydromorphone could cause death, the forensic toxicological analysis done was “significantly incomplete.” The defence toxicologist was of the opinion that it was premature to conclude that hydromorphone did cause death, without further toxicological analysis. The College’s expert, Dr. X, opined that Dr. Kingstone’s prescribing of large amounts of the drugs at issue created a risk of overdose.


The Committee found that Dr. Kingstone had committed an act of professional misconduct, in that he had failed to meet the standard of practice of the profession.

Reasons for Penalty

Counsel for the College and counsel for Dr. Kingstone made a joint submission regarding the appropriate penalty and costs.

The Committee was satisfied that the penalty met the requirements of public protection, and served the objectives of specific and general deterrence.

To these ends, Dr. Kingstone would be permanently prohibited from prescribing narcotics, a co-signer would take responsibility for the prescribing of other controlled drugs and substances, including benzodiazepines, and a clinical supervisor would oversee his practice and provide regular reports to the College for one year.


The Discipline Committee directed that:

  1. The Registrar suspend Dr. Kingstone’s certificate of registration for a period of six months. Three months of the suspension will be suspended if Dr. Kingstone successfully completes the College’s prescribing course and provides proof of such completion to the College.
  2. The Registrar impose the following terms, conditions and limitations on Dr. Kingstone’s certificate of registration:
    • Dr. Kingstone be permanently prohibited from prescribing narcotics. For greater certainty, this includes “verbal prescription narcotics” as defined in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Regulations;
    • Dr. Kingstone shall not prescribe other controlled drugs or substances as defined in Schedules I to IV of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, including benzodiazepines, unless the prescription has been co-signed by a physician acceptable to the College. Dr. Kingstone shall keep a copy of all prescriptions for controlled drugs and substances, including benzodiazepines, in each patient chart. In addition, Dr. Kingstone shall keep a log of all prescriptions for controlled drugs and substances, including benzodiazepines. The requirement of a co-signer for prescriptions for controlled drugs and substances, including benzodiazepines shall continue indefinitely.
    • Immediately following the suspension, Dr. Kingstone shall be required to practise under the supervision of a clinical supervisor for one year acceptable to the College. The supervision shall include that Dr. Kingstone is required to meet with the supervisor every other week, at which time the supervisor will review a representative sample of Dr. Kingstone’s patient charts (to be chosen by the supervisor), and discuss them with Dr. Kingstone.
    • Dr. Kingstone is required to follow any recommendations of the clinical supervisor. The supervisor shall submit reports to the College.
    • At the end of the one year of supervision, Dr. Kingstone’s practice will be re-assessed by an assessor chosen by the College. If the assessment is satisfactory to the College, the supervision outlined above will end. Dr. Kingstone is required to abide by any recommendations of the assessor;
    • Dr. Kingstone shall pay all expenses associated with the co-signing requirements set out above;
  3. Dr. Kingstone pay costs to the College in the amount of $2,500.
  4. The results of this proceeding be included in the register.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Dr. Kingstone waived his right to appeal.

Stop the Teen Screen of children/sign petition

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Antipsychiatry Websites

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Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault (CAPA) Co-founders: Don Weitz and Dr. Bonnie Burstow


CAPA blog:

email CAPA:


Mindfreedom International (MFI) – 100 groups are part of MFI that are working together to expose psychiatry’s human rights violations. David Oaks is the executive director of MFI. There are email lists for members on various subjects and issues about psychiatry. Nominal fee to join. See the MFI website for more info.


Contact Info:

David Oaks: Email:

MindFreedom International – 454 Willamette, Suite 216 – PO Box 11284 – Eugene, OR 97440-3484 USA

Phone: 541-345-9106 USA TOLL FREE 1-877-MAD-PRID[e] FAX: 541-345-3737


In Memoriam

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People who have died and were important in Sue’s life and whom Sue loved.

Stephane Theodore Fortin – Sue’s former boyfriend

Eleanora Melodoro – friend

Christie Bodkin – friend

Kathleen Villeneuve – friend

Jan Chatre – friend

John Crow – friend

Anne Hubbert – friend

Pierre Lafromboise – friend

Delores Brandt – friend

Steve Thomas – friend

Harry Funk – former lawyer and advocate

Kids being psychiatrized/drugged up/shocked by psychiatry

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